Annotated Bibliography

Secondary Sources

Catalog no. 124. Sears, Roebuck and Co. Chicago. 1897.Image.
Mustache Cup advertisement.

Erardi, Glenn & Pauline Peck. Mustache Cups: Timeless Victorian Treasures. Schiffer Publishing. Atlglen, PA. 1999.
Commonly viewed as THE book of expertise on the subject of moustache cups, this book has a great bibliography, ample photos of numerous cups and wonderful insight to collecting moustache cups.  But the very first sentence of the book credits the invention of the moustache cup to Harvey Adams well before he was born and the book has misinformation throughout which led me to question its validity.  This source led me to conduct even deeper research into the topic of moustache cups.

Flavor Savers!.  28 November 2013.
This website is the website for the Sydney, Australia museum and provided me with valable primary source information.

Frost, Natasha.  A Look Back at the Mustache Cup That Kept Tea-Drinkers' Whiskers Dry.  17 May 2017.
This article rovided information about the historical references to research and provided several primary sources to follow.

Greenspan, Jesse. The Charge of the Light Brigade. 24 October 2014. Image
This image shows British soldiers shortly after the order was issued allowing soldiers to sport moustaches

Hammersly and Co (Longton) Ltd.  visited 19 August 2018.
This website hosts an extensive reference of the potteries in Egland complete with pottery histories and potter marks.

Hammond, Dorothy. Mustache cups: history and marks. Wallace-Homestead Book Co, Des Moines, 1972.
One of the oldest written sources of information on moustache cup history.

Harvey Adams. visited 19 August 2018.
A detailed source of information about the potters of England, and Harvey Adams' personal life.

Heffron, Roger. 27 October 2018.  Original Photographs.
​Photographs of my mother's moustache and shaving mug collection.  

Leese, David.  Email interview.  2 August 2018.
My interview with the Reverend David Leese, a descendent of Harvey Adams, and Adams expert,  gave me valuable insight into Adams' life and career.  It showed me that I had exhausted nearly all available primary source information which has been discovered to date about Harvey Adams.

Leese, David.  Harvey Adams.  http:/mymethodist 21 January 2013. 
This article provided detailed information about Harvey Adams' personal life as well as his life as a potter in England.  This gave me many leads to follow for primary source information.

Moustache Cup.  visited 19 August 2018.
Wikipedia is the first place that I started my research.  It has a multitude of incorrect information but did provide the basis for my research.

Mustache Cups.  visited 19 August 2018.
This antique dealer website provided necessary information to discover primary source information.

Pardon Me, Sir, There's Something in Your Mustache.  7August 2014.
This website had a large collection of mustache cup photos and patent images.

Peterson, Alan.  One Thousand Mustaches: A Cultural History of the Mo.  Arsenal Pulp Press.  Vancouver.  2002.
This secondary source provided information pointing me to primary sources.

Primary Sources

A Week in Pennsylvania.  The Country Gentleman.  Luther Tucker and Son.  New York.  19 October 1863.
This story about a trip into Philadelphia by a country lad, is the earliest discovered reference to the existence of the moustache cup.

Bendigo Advertiser. 5 October 1872. visited 25 August 2018.
This newspaper image has a reference to the early invention of the moustache cup.

British Porcelein Registrations 1842-1883.  visited 25 August 2018.
This website listed the chronological registrations of British made pottery proving that Harvey Adams actually made no registration for the Moustache Cup, an object that was quickly copied and mass produced.

Command No. 1695.  The King's Regulations and Orders for the Army.  Hamilton and Sons. London. 1908.
This source explains why so many Victorian men sported huge moustaches.

 Gentlemen. 27 Octorber 2018. Image
​Image showing Victorian Era Gentlemen's attention to grooming and etiquette.

Hartley, Cecil. The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness. DeWolfe, Fiske, and Co.  Boston. 1873.
This source of etiquette explains the great lengths that Victorian men would have gone to to protect their wellgroomed facial hair.

Heffron, Judith.  The Judith Heffron Mustache Cup Collection. Springhill. Florida.  20 August 2018.
Judith has a sizable mustache cup collection which was made available for photographs and this research.

Jewitt, Llwellynn.  The History of  Ceramic Art in Great Britain.  Scribner, Welford, and Armstrong.  New York. 1878.
This book, written by the Secretary of the Society of Antiquities of London, gave detailed information on Adams, Scrivener and Co as well as the earliest reference yet to surface to give credit to Harvey Adams as the inventor of the Moustache Cup.

Moustache Spoon.  The Goulburn Herald and Chronicle. Sydney. 17 August 1865.
This article gives references to the existence of both the moustache cup and moustache spoon prior to 1865.

Moustache Spoon.  The Scientific American.  Munn & Company. New York.17 December 1864.
This article gives references to both the existence of the moustache cup and moustache spoon as early as 1864.

​The Moustaches in the Army.  The Illustrated London News. 29 July 1854.
​The original source of British soldiers being allowed to wear a moustache.

End Notes

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