Triumph Over Tragedy

        One man getting his whiskers soggy while drinking coffee is a personal problem.  When a group of men whose finely groomed moustaches became coffee or tea strainers, a social fopaux has been created [13]. Soggy moustaches plaguing the dining habits of millions of men created an issue of epidemic proportions.  But a tragedy has occurred when the millions of wives and sweethearts of those men were forced to buy their men special cups so that their furry lips were clean for smooching.  One need only visit any antique shop and examine the moustache cups for sale to see that the delicately and oft femininely decorated cups were obviously not marketed to men for purchase but rather to the women in their lives [7].
“ Let your hair, beard, and moustache be always perfectly smooth, well arranged, and scrupulously clean.”

Advice on proper etiquette The Gentlemen’s Book of Etiquette 

       The triumph in this story is the invention of the moustache cup by Harvey Adams.  This invention was so successful that it is still in use today.  Modern moustache cups have changed little from their earliest ancestors with the exception of generally being more robust in construction and masculine in design.  The actual guard itself remains virtually unchanged.
Examples of feminine designs marketed to women on (clockwise) Mustache Cup, Shaving Cup, Presentation Mustache Cups, Shaving Scuttle,  2018, Images by Author
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Moustachioed Victorian Gentlemen, visited 2018,